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Vegetarian comfort food with friends: Home-made sweet potato gnocchi

Moving from one place to another has always been difficult, and I hope I am not the only one who feels this way. I had my first big move since years ago just now, from a shared apartment corridor to a private one. I am trying hard not to be clingy, but I might as well just embrace this moment of change from this 14 m2 room that I call home. It was here in this student apartment I met my first friends in this country, 14000 kms away from my hometown. It was also here in this student apartment that I experienced a whole range of international friendship through small to meaningful talks, gatherings, cultural adaptation and food. Yes, food!

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[travel] Välens Naturreservat, Sweden – An Oasis

Located close to Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg, this nature reserve area is a short trip away from the city center. You can meet these cute highland cows with their fabulous bangs and different species of wild birds. There are some picnic tables available, but the best part of this area is the all natural track where you can find berries, hear the sound of the wind and the leaves, and even find mushroom during its season.

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