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[Restaurant] Sayur, Gothenburg

Like a breeze of fresh air, I received one of the best news of the year that finally there is an Indonesian restaurant that just got opened in Gothenburg (hurray!).

My colleague heard from her friends about this new restaurant and we checked their Instagram and website. From the pictures, the food already looks as I would find them in Indonesia. So off we went to Sayur (the name is, by the way, an Indonesian word that means vegetables).

They serve three different main dishes and two extra sides every day. All of them are vegan. When I was there the first time, they served Nasi Campur (turmeric rice wish 7 different sides),  Lontong Sayur (rice cake with vegetable coconut milk curry), and Gado Gado (mixed vegetable salad with rice cake, tempeh, peanut sauce and rice crackers). The second time I went (of course I came back!) they served Soto (rice noodle soup with yellow broth and tofu) instead of Lontong Sayur. You should definitely check their photos of the food. I think my shot didn’t really do justice because they look so much better in real life. OH AND! THEY SERVE TEH BOTOL!

Okay for my non-Indonesian readers. Teh Botol is the staple drink of restaurants in Indonesia. Basically teh=tea. Botol=bottle. Tea in a bottle. But now they serve it in a paper Tetra Pak package. With a bottle picture on the packaging. Okay, enough about teh botol.

Left: Nasi Campur with 7 different sides

The dishes we tried was definitely an authentic Indonesian. I was so impressed and happy! It was surprising to me that all my friends really loved the dishes because there were spices that might taste unique for people who are not used to it. But everyone said it was delicious! By the way, we were 7 people from 4 different countries. I guess Indonesian food is easy to fall in love with! (Maybe the people, too. LOL!)

We – who ate the Nasi Campur – all agreed that the rice matches the flavours of all the sides, but we also agreed that Tempeh Kering (dry candied tempeh) and Bakwan Jagung were our favourite.

Bakwan Jagung / Corn Fritters

Apart from the food, the ambience is cozy. Although the place is not so big, it does not feel cramped. Pets are also welcomed to come in. There is even a Television showing Indonesian News. My friends were laughing all the time when they saw the wacky commercials, of course.

The owners are super friendly, they talk to everyone! (which is quite rare in Sweden, btw! Maybe not in Gothenburg because most people are friendly). One of the owners, Ivone, is from Indonesia, the same city where my dad is from, where all the good food is. While her partner is from Sweden. Considering that they are just two people at the restaurant, they give excellent service with a good waiting time.

I have tried out some Asian restaurants in Gothenburg that attempted to serve fusion food inspired by Indonesian dishes but I have always been disappointed. I definitely think that Sayur is a hidden gem in central Gothenburg. The only thing that I wish they will improve in the future is a bigger space so they can serve more people and share more happiness on a plate. 😊

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Price: $
Vegan-friendly: Yes (it is a 100% Vegan restaurant)
Stroller-friendly: Yes
Pet-friendly: Yes
WiFi and toilet: did not try, I’ll update when I find out.
Address: Olivedalsgatan, Gothenburg
Opening time
Working days: 11.30-18.00
Saturday: 12.00-18-00

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