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[movie] The Cakemaker

I did not watched this movie recently, it was quite a while ago. However somehow it sticks to my mind that I should make a review about it. This movie’s poster had fooled me because I thought it was an indie animated movie about a loving family and a dream to be a chef or something like that. Since I do like surprises when it comes to movies, then I just went ahead knowing that: one. it was not an animated movie. and two. turns out it was a drama movie in German, English, and Hebrew.

Definitely, it is a very unique movie that I enjoyed, especially on a rainy day with a cup of tea and some cookies. It takes you on a trip from Israel to Germany in a hazy, dreamy tone. The story is kind of different, in a way that it has so many ‘realistic’ plot twists. Acting was great, especially the French actress Sarah Adler. The movie touch a bit everywhere in terms of culture and the reality between different norms which I think, quite relevant for recent societal questions.

PS. Mini spoiler alert: there is a scene where it might get uncomfortable for some viewers which includes nudity and same-sex relationship.

Titis rates this movie: 7.0/10
Genre: Drama
Country: Israel, Germany
See the trailer on YouTube and the IMDb page.

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