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[restaurant] Kåges Hörna, Gothenburg

‘Swedish culinary is about a mix between salty and sweet!’

It was a cold afternoon when I took a short stroll in the city with my friend Linda when we decided to have lunch together at this legendary Swedish restaurant, Kåges Hörna. It is so convenient that it is located inside the food market ‘Saluhallen’ in the Kungsportsplatsen area. It is an extremely strategic place when you want to shop while enjoying the city. I love this area so much especially when I am in the mood for shopping. Not only food, you can also find clothing shops, cafes, even interior design shops (Scandinavian style, obviously).

I have never tried this restaurant before, and Linda convinced me that this restaurant serves only authentic Swedish home-cooked-style meals. Of course, I was excited to try it, because most of the time, the Swedish food I have tried was either in IKEA or in the school cafeteria.

I ordered the dish of the day which was stuffed pork with plum, served with potatoes and apple sauce. I was like ‘WHAAAA?’ – in a good, surprised way. Linda explained that it is very Swedish to mix between salty and sweet in one dish. And I can assure you, dear readers, she tells the truth. I have seen people eating bread, cheese, and strawberry jam on top. Meatballs with brown gravy and lingonberry jam. To some people, this food culture might be a little strange, but to me, it was love at first bite.

The pork-plum thingy was served in a rather fast pace. It makes sense that they have this fast system as it is a bar type of restaurant where you sit down on a high stool facing the sellers where they have very limited number of seats, so you have to remain thoughtful of people lining up (if it is on peak time). I love how the food was very unique, it is a balance between carbs, protein, and fiber (salad is also included). It is also a perfect mix between salty and sweet.

I loved this place so much that I went for a second time. AND THIRD! The second time I went with my friend Phryne. We had fish patties with potatoes. Again, it was really good! The staff were super nice that even when we asked for extra lingonberry sauce, he happily gave us a full bowl of it! The third time I went with my boyfriend. We had the Swedish Classic Pannbiff with potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry (obviously we love lingonberry). It was super delicious! The patty was tender and well seasoned, and the sauce is very smooth and compliments well the whole dish.

EXTRA! It is actually very cheap for this type of lunch. Only 78 SEK including water and salad!
Pro tip: Not every staff speaks English, but they do understand! – and they are very very friendly! 🙂

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Price: $
Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Stroller-friendly: To limited extent
Wheel-friendly toilet: No
Wifi: No

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