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[restaurant] Beijing8, Gothenburg

Good dumplings, good sides, good value.

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE DUMPLINGS. I have a small regret that I found this place a bit late, though. I only knew about it during my second year living in Gothenburg! I have been trying to find a good dumpling place in Gothenburg and finally, my wishes have been granted by Beijing8.
Technically I have seen their products inside supermarkets as they have the frozen versions of the dumplings, but I’ve never tried it and I prefer fresh, of course.

Obviously they do not have as many options as what we have in Asia. (My God how I miss those Dragon Whiskers Dumplings / Squid ball covered with flat noodles, then deep fried, served with sweet and spicy dipping sauce). But I am quite satisfied with what they have on the menu. Different variants of dumplings with chicken, duck, beef, or vegetarian, and with different types of seasonings and spices also. I love that they use natural coloring from vegetables for the dough, that makes it super easy when sharing this food with someone else.

I also love love love the side dishes and the way it is presented with the traditional bamboo steamers. My favorite side dish is chili marinated tofu and rice noodle salad. There are also four dipping sauces to choose from, each with different prominent flavor.

I’ve been to Beijing8 restaurant three or four times already. I would definitely recommend you to try the lunch menu during working days, but eat in! It is the cheapest option you can get. During dinner, the menu is still more or less the same but with a slightly more expensive price. Being that said, for the quality that you get, it is really worth it. I tried to have it for take-away, but of course, dumplings in this cold weather will turn cold and dry quickly.

Pro tip: there is a student discount sometimes!

Overall rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Stroller-friendly: Yes
Wheel-friendly toilet: Yes
Wifi: Yes

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