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[homecooked] Mansaf, Jordanian cuisine

In this homecooked category, I will be reviewing recipes and tell stories about some homecooked meals my friends have made and shared with me. It has been an amazing culinary journey to taste such diverse flavors as I am living in the middle of such an international group of friends. I am super grateful for them!
This time, I got the chance to try a homecooked meal by my best friend, Omar, a talented architect, and self-taught home cook from Jordan!

I remembered it was a rather cold day when Omar texted me that he wanted to share his cooking and let me try. OF COURSE I SAID YES! He had been cooking amazing food, and I am looking forward to tasting Mansaf as it is the national dish of Jordan. I have never had it before, and he mentioned that it is one of the most popular comfort food from Jordan.

It consists of buttered rice, braised lamb, topped with almond pieces and coriander leaves, with creamy yogurt sauce as the side. First of all, the aroma is amazing. I could definitely smell the lamb and the parsley directly. I thought I would need a knife to eat a meal like this, but of course, my Indonesian mind always tells me to pick up a spoon and fork by force of habit. Surprisingly, my spoon slid through the meat very smoothly. It was very tender! I like that the lamb is lightly spiced, but succeeded to remove the strong aroma from a lamb. You know that the cook knows what he is doing just by from that.

The rice itself is also very lightly spiced, but combined with the creamy sauce, it was amazing! The sauce tasted like liquid cheese with a buttery taste. It was a perfect balance, not too salty, not too strong, complete comfort. I can imagine if you have this at home with your family, it will bring joy to the whole house.

I am not quite sure the best time to have this meal, but I had it for dinner, and surprisingly it was not as heavy as I thought! I felt really good after the meal and had a nice sleep, hahaha!

But my favorite is actually that it has almonds as the crunchy texture in the middle of soft everything. It is a very good surprise and it succeeded to balance the whole bite. All that I wish for is that I had some more! Thank you, Omar!

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