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[movie] Pengabdi Setan

In English, it is translated as “Satan’s Slave”

For a horror movie, it is actually not that scary to me. I would imagine if I live in an area that looks like the set of the movie, then I would be scared af. I would say the casting team has done an excellent job, especially for picking the young actors with amazing skills in the movie (Nasar Anuz and M.Adhiyat). Tara Basro looked appropriately hot for some reason (haha!), her acting is also quite good. The storyline is okay to me as there are things that I don’t understand (I tried to google it, and it seems like the movie decided to leave many things hanging). Not the best Indonesian movie I have seen, but definitely worth to watch!

Titis rates this movie: 6.3/10

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery

Country: Indonesia

See the trailer on YouTube and the IMDb page.

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