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[restaurant] Sushi Yama, Gothenburg

Sushi by the water

Sushi is definitely one of my favorite food that I crave every now and then. I have been in a journey throughout Gothenburg to find the best sushi place, but it occurs to me that sushi that I find here are not as diverse as I used to find in Asia (obviously). When I came to Sushi Yama the first time, I thought damn this place must cost a fortune. Nice few towards the water, clean and sleek design, and good looking menu.

I decided to give it a go, and my oh my, the salmon nigiri is super! I love that the salmon tastes very fresh, compared to other sushi places in Gothenburg (will do a review to other places later!). I like that they also have different range of sushi mixes with different level of prices. I wouldn’t say that it is cheap, but it is not as expensive as it looks. The food is high quality and the place is super nice especially during the summer when you can eat outside while enjoy the sun.

In the picture below, it was my third (or fourth) visit to Sushi Yama. Which means: it is worth a re-visit! Although, I must say they put some odd twist in some of the menu. For example the Poke bowl has mango and chopped salad in it. I have never seen a Poke like that in my life. Maybe it is a fusion, but not a big fan of the Poke, honestly speaking. The fusion they did for the plating is that they also serve lemon and pomegranate in the edible garnish. I definitely don’t understand that part, but no complains. I like pomegranates, but I just don’t expect it served on a sushi plate.

A fusion poke bowl
A fusion sushi with fried onions?

All in all, I like the sushi (especially everything with salmon in it), and the miso is also good. The staffs are friendly and they speak very good English (and Swedish of course).

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$
Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Stroller-friendly: Yes
Wheel-friendly toilet: Yes; but paid
Wifi: Yes

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