[movie] Bad Genius

This movie tells a story about cheating in school, taken into another level. If you are looking for a heart-pumping movie with an unbelievable school geniuses taking an illegal route to make money in the context of high school students, this movie is the bomb! I have not explored Thai movie too much, but this one, I can definitely recommend. Thai movies are the best in comedy and horror. Never have I found a Thai crime movie as good as this one.  The casts are great, the setting and the ambiance are spot-on, and the plot is unpredictable. The sound effects and the choices of clothing are also excellent. SPOILER ALERT! Some scenes where it has some physical stuff going on (nose bleeding, puking, swollen eyes, etc); are amazing. The act, the gesture, and the makeup are so believable that I was flabbergasted. For an action movie, this movie does not involve guns or anything like that, but still, it is INTENSE!

I can relate to this movie almost 90% as I grew up with super tight competition in school from elementary to high school. There is no harm of being honest here in my own blog so I will just come clean. Yes, I have cheated on some of my exams during high school (I mean, who hasn’t?). The worst thing I have done during high school is to write one of the most impossible-to-learn-in-one-week Mandarin sentences on my eraser wrap. In my defense, the sentence was translated as “a walking male elephant beside the river that was looking for his mother”. It. Was. Bizarre.

Okay enough about me.

Nothing bad I can say about this movie, really. I only wish I could speak Thai so I don’t have to read the subtitles all the time. One that I’ve watched has surprisingly very good English subtitle.

Let me know if you also watch this movie!

Titis rates this movie: 7.5/10

Genre: Action, Crime, Comedy

Country: Thailand

See the trailer on YouTube and the IMDb page.

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