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[restaurant] Ramen-Ya, Gothenburg

Traditionally made Japanese ramen in the middle of the cold, windy city of Gothenburg.

I have always been a huge fan of Japanese food. Ramen is, of course, one of my favorite comfort food. I always crave for a bowl of hot ramen when it is cold outside. Ramen-ya is probably the only ramen restaurant with authentic, hand-made ramen noodles in Gothenburg.

“Dear Kamisama, thank you for your blessing through this broth. Ramen.”

Ramen-ya is definitely a middle to an upper-class type of restaurant. It is not too fancy, but not too casual either. Savory, umami broth with perfectly made ramen.

The first thing I usually do when my ramen is ready is to sip the broth, and my oh my! This broth must have been braised for a long time. The layers of flavor are so complex and delicious! The picture shows the Shoyu Ramen which is pork-based, light soy sauce broth with charsiu topping. But before this, I also tried the vegetarian option called “Hippie Ramen”. Both are amazing! I love that they use fresh local mushroom and tofu for the vegetarian menu. Ramen-ya provides choices of condiments such as chili oil, sesame seed, and fresh garlic, so you can add to your liking.

One thing that I would suggest is to add a little bit of ambiance music in the restaurant because when I visited the past two times, there was no music. I remembered before they had a very good dining playlist. But still, I love it whatsoever!


Overall rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$
Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Stroller-friendly: Somewhat yes, but limited
Wheel-friendly toilet: Yes
Wifi : Yes

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